Dr. Wadkins & Team

Dr. Wadkins & Team

Dr. Wadkins

Dr. Wadkins Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Dr. Wadkins completed undergraduate training as an engineer (BSEE) at the University of Idaho. He has extensive hardware and computer architecture design experience with IBM, along with a couple of years of programming (C++). He also spent 4 years as an IBM Development Manager, working on large hardware and software projects. He then completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree at the University of Minnesota. His post doctoral training includes many small detail courses, along with the specialty areas of patient sedation (Mn License CS048) and graduation from the Misch Implant Institute. Dr. Wadkins is one of very few doctors in the world who can both surgically place implants, restore them, and provide advanced surgical skills such as bone grafting. More and more, it is obvious that the extensive engineering experience is invaluable in dental implant and restorative procedures.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Wadkins has extensive interests, including amateur radio (WB7PW), a CNC and metal hobby, scuba diving, and flying - currently in an Evolution. He used to referee over 100 soccer games per year, with a few professional level games to his credit (PDL division of the USL - not MLS).

Dr. Wadkins has been married 40 years to Pat (BSChE) who has spent her career working on disk drives with IBM/Hitachi/WD. She also holds an active Minnesota real estate brokers license and enjoys cooking classes and gardening (flowers!). They have two sons; Thomas who graduated from the University of Cincinnati (BS & MS Arch) and David who graduated from the University of Iowa (BS BioChem, MS BioMedEngr).


Lesa Assistant

Lesa is our new dental assistant, with a background in childrens services. Along with her duties as the lead assistant to Dr. Wadkins, she is responsible for managing the office supplies and equipment maintenance. She has two young childern, and seems to take an inordinate interest in youth hockey.


Ellen Office Manager

Ellen has been the office manager for nearly a decade, after working at Russel Stover for 11 years. She received her BA degree in Sociology and Fine Arts at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin. She and her husband (Mayo Clinic Flight RN) have two teenagers, and she enjoys (what little time she has left) working with the chickens and blueberries on their hobby farm. She still finds time to work with art, along with running the kids everywhere.


Ana Hygienist

Our newest, yet actually not new to us, hygienist is Ana. A 2011 RCTC grad, with business and banking experience too (you might see her working front desk for Dr. Kelly also). Much to her husband's dismay, all of her attention now seems to be towards her young son. In her spare time - right, she has a youngster...